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The new cloud-based task delegation solution. Some might call it a cron-service, we think its much more

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You don't want to rely on your own architecture which may fail at any time and cost you real money if it does!

Creating a notification (SDK's coming soon!)

const notyfy = require('notyfy') 

notyfy.authenticate("xxx-xxxxxx-xxx-xxx")"", {
    end: inThreeMonths.getTime(), // utc
    interval: "monthly 28 12:00:00",
    body: {
        myPayload: "This will be part of each request!"

Use Cases

add precise delays to function or method calls

Have the requirement to wait for a set amount of time before triggering a function or callback
and do not want to rely on your own infrastructure?
Easy! Set up a task to be invoked by a simple HTTP request!

delegate reoccuring events to a reliable service

Choose from multiple different methods of setting intervals for your request.

add a reliable buffer to your synchronization process

What if your server is offline or unreachable at synchronization time? Use as an extra buffer layer to ensure your data is stored correctly.
We will continue to send the package to your server until we receive the expected result defined by you.

put your sheduled tasks in the cloud

Cron jobs running on a lone server (virtual or not) are difficult to maintain and easily represent single point of failures.

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